How To Use

Melanotan II Nasal spray

To use the nasal spray, take off the plastic top and place the top of the nasal spray into one nostril. Put a finger over the other nostril, and snort while, once pushing down on the nasal spray.

We recommend a start up period o 14-21days with one spray twice a day.

Once the desired tan has been acheived, please maintain your tan by using the nasal spray 2-3 times a week.

Melanotan II Injections

How to use Scenic Melanotan 2 Injections 

To use the Injections, please follow the image-guide below. Detailed instructions are below the image. We recommend a start up period: 14-21 days.

Inject no more than 0,33-0,50 mg per day.

When the desired tan has been acheibed, please limit youself to injecting  2-3 times a week with with a dosage of 0,33-0,50 mg pr. time.

  1. Remove the vial Cap – Do not remove the stopper
  2. Sterelize the vial top with an alcohol swab
  3. Break the water bottle at the blue dot
  4. Inject the water into the syringe
  5. Put the needle through the rubber top of the vial and push the plunger to inject the water into the vial
  6. Draw up the dosage with the syringe in the vial – both turned upside down.
  7. Check the syringe for bubbles – tab the syringe to remove bubbles
  8. Tap the syringe so that is releases the vial
  9. Eject air from the syringe and finally remove the syringe from the vial.
Finally you can inject the solution – our recommended injections areas are in the abdomen around the naval, or in the upper outer thighs.
* Instructions and details can also be found within the package.