Carb No More

Carb No More


If you’re a carb lover that wants to lose some weight but don’t want to give up your favourite foods, then Carb No More could be what you need.

– 30 Capsules
– Natural carb blocker 
– Contains white kidney bean, apple cider & green tea
– Helps reduce the amount of carbs the body digests
– Contains 100% natural ingredients
– Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians

 Individual results may vary.
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Product Description

Carb No More is a natural carb blocking supplement that is designed to help promote healthy weight loss and weight management by helping you to control your carbohydrate intake and the amount of carbohydrates your body digests. This makes it a perfect supplement for those looking to lose weight but don’t want to give up their favourite foods or go on a strict no carb diet. Carb No More could also be a useful option for diabetics to help control their diet in a natural and safe way.

Complex carbohydrates that you eat that your body does not immediately use as fuel, will get stored at fat, which can lead to weight loss. The main active ingredient in our Carb No More supplement is white kidney bean, which is known to help limit the amount of complex carbs that are digeste

What makes Carb No More unique from other carb blocking products and supplements is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients that have been carefully selected in their exact quantities to provide a unique formula. The main ingredient in Carb No More is white kidney bean extract which is hailed one of the best natural carbohydrate blocking ingredients around. The other ingredients selected in this superior formula are designed to perfectly compliment the white kidney bean extract to help with other health benefits including helping energy levels and protecting the immune system.

How do carb blockers work?

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Starches are complex carbohydrates that cannot be absorbed unless they are first broken down by the digestive enzyme amylase. Amylase inhibitors, also called starch blockers, prevent starches from being absorbed by the body.  When amylase is blocked, those carbs pass through the body undigested, so you don’t absorb the calories.

When you take a carb blocker, the enzyme is temporarily blocked, allowing the complex carbohydrates to pass through your system undigested. This means that the complex carbohydrates are not converted into glucose and therefore not stored as fat. They also do not contribute any calories or raise blood sugar levels. It still allows though for the ‘good’ simple carbohydrates to be digested properly so you still receive the benefit and nutrition of the ‘good’ carbs, but not the ‘bad’ ones.

Some people think then that if they begin taking a carb blocker supplement that they can eat as many complex carbs as they like. Taking a carb blocker supplement doesn’t allow you to overeat on carbohydrates, but it does allow you to manage and control your carbohydrate intake as well as allow you to have the occasional cheat day without the guilt.

How to take Carb No More

Take two capsules with water five to ten minutes before eating your main meal that contains carbohydrates. Do not take more than three times a day. Each bottle contains 30 capsules so will last 15 servings. For optimum results use alongside a controlled and balanced diet.


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